Wooden Spoons (and more)

Hi, I am the Spoonman and I am from Claypool, Indiana.


I have been handcrafting woodenware since 1993. At a point in 1995 I had made a career change. This didn’t allow me to participate in a vocation that I enjoyed. It also took away the life I had grown accustom to, living in the 18th century by way of attending historical reenactments. I was urged by my family to go back to the time period and people that I love, those wonderful people portraying what life was like in the 1700’s. The question then became, “What do I portray?”.


At that time I was able to return to what I knew how to do. I would make and sell wooden products. Eventually the idea of “peddling my wares” from a push cart developed and the life of the Spoonman had begun. Since that time the business has grown to not only doing historic events, but also supplying woodenware to several historic and other retail locations. This has necessitated the need for a greater supply of wooden utensils. My wife, Carolyn; two sons; their wives; and a couple of friends have previously or presently helped me make our beautiful and functional hardwood kitchen utensils.


At this time we make not only wooden spoons and utensils from hard maple (occasionally cherry and walnut), but we have also developed a line of classic wooden toys and 18th century wooden weapons for the kids.


Thank you for your interest in our products. Your purchases from the Spoonman and his co-workers help us in continuing our goal of providing you with some of the best quality hardwood kitchen utensils you will find.







This hanging or free-standing display is available in either painted Poplar or in a finished Cherry.

We also have over 70 different individual items available for retail or wholesale. For more information, please contact us at:


The Wooden Spoon


or phone: 574-551-1926