We don’t do T-shirts – but you can!


We used to offer a number of designs, such as these parodies of those “keep on trucking” guys from the sixties, for museums but small quantity runs are no longer cost effective for either you or us, so we came up with a “do it yourself” method. If you like this concept, it will save you time and money!




Here’s how this works: on this page are several of the designs we offered. You can pick any one of these and match it up with your site’s name. You can also do combinations of these, such as 1, 2, or 3 soldiers in a group.









I will prepare the finished art for your selection and send it to you by email. All you will have to do is this:

— Decide how many you need* and in what sizes and shirt colours.

— Find a shirt screener in your community.

— Forward the artwork to them for production.


You will notice that I put the samples shown in full colour as well as in black and white with spot colour. This is because fabric printing technology has changed a lot since multi-colour designs were only for those with extremely deep pockets. Many methods of production require only specialized transfer paper, a laser printer and a heat press – basically a high quality colour photocopy iron-on – so full colour designs bear looking into. In any event, I am prepared to advise you on shirt colour selection and shirt brands and production options.


Why does this make sense for you?


— Your product is now made locally. I think wherever you can invest in your community it should be done.

— Your costs are reduced because you have saved my mark-up and shipping costs, but you still have a professionally rendered design.

— You have greater control over your inventory turn around time because you have locally sourced supply lines.


*What’s in it for me? All I ask is that you pay me a royalty of $1.00 per shirt that you have produced, with a minimum of $50.00 on the first run. For example, if you run 50 shirts, I will receive $50.00. If you run 30 shirts, I will still get $50.00. If you run 75 shirts, I will get $75.00. On subsequent runs, it is a flat $1.00 per shirt, even if you only run 10 or 15 or 20 at a time.


How do I know how many you had printed? I don’t. This offer is based on mutual trust and is available to museums and historic sites only. Call me or email me for more information.