Ordnance for your Innards



It doesn’t matter what time frame you are in:  Cartridge Candy fits in!


We sell Cartridge Candy to sites ranging from Pilgrims and Pirates to Pioneers and Plainsmen, from the French & Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 to Civil War.  You don’t even need to have a war theme.  We also sell to a large number of historic houses, pioneer villages and general museum gift shops!


We like it when you say nice things about it. Here are some reactions to our product:


After recently speaking with a co-worker about your product I visited your website and became intriguingly interested in selling your candy in our retail operation. I've heard some great comments from my counterparts in regards to your merchandise. I think that your items would do exceptionally well in our gift shop. The candy directly relates to the site and some of our interpretive programs we offer; such as musket demonstrations every second Saturday of each month. I have a good feeling the kids will love this new addition to out site.

Charles Town Landing


I need to order some more of your great stuff!
Fort Laramie


I just wanted to take the time to let you know that we appreciate the new bilingual kit that comes with the cartridge candies. They're selling like hot cakes at our 2nd giftshop located at Fort Beauséjour.
Fort Beauséjour

Need to stock up for my busy season.  I would like to order 200 pieces of cartridge candy for Andrew Jackson State Park.
Andrew Jackson State Park


You have a terrific product, and we appreciate your customer service and quality.
Bennett Place

Yummy, thanks!
New York Historical Society


I will try and get some press for this terrific product line.
New York Historical Society


Time to order some more cartridge candy. The school children love them…and it’s nice that they are educational, too!
Chimney Point


Thought I'd share something with y'all.

One way I end up selling cartridge candy to grand parents is, after being asked to describe the product, to add the following line.

"Caution, the smaller the muzzle you pour it down, the bigger the bang you'll get!"

They love it, and end up buying at least one per grandchild.

It should be mentioned that we keep the candy on the counter by the register. This not only allows us to explain what it is (to those who don't care to read the explanation), but also use it to demonstrate how they would be used. For those at artillery parks, it doesn't take much to use it as a basic example of a spherical shot and surge bag setup.

Take care, and here's to another great year!

Andy Miller

Asst. Unit Manager

Fort Sumter N M, Charles Pinckney NHS


"Sorry I have to bother you again so soon, but I am almost out of Cartridge candy already. People buy them by the fist full.

Please order me two more boxes of the candies and can you deliver them ASAP. I am very pleased that they sell so well."

Connie Unangst

Friends of Washington Crossing Historic Park

Gift Shop Coordinator


A Short but Sweet History…


In 1998, during the 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, we were astounded at the assortment of merchandise that was available, commemorating not only this event, but the American Civil War in general.  Even with all that variety, we determined to produce a product that would capture the imagination of both re-enactors and spectators…something different, not already available.  Watching the soldiers load for battle showed us that the answer was right before our eyes.  Shortly after that event, we began producing our first candy filled cartridges.  In late 2001, we decided to make our product available to other historical merchants, landmark sites and related gift stores.


Now you, too, can profit from our product.

(Scroll down – there’s lots to see, don’t miss anything!)  



We’ve redesigned the merchandiser box! The backboard now displays a graphic showing your customer what’s in a Cartridge Candy. The merchandiser comes free with your first order of 200 rounds. If you just need the graphic, we will be happy to email that to you.


Cartridge Candy is a facsimile black powder musket cartridge, filled with fruit powder and a gumball – so much better for you than black powder and lead ball. You pour it down your muzzle! The cartridge paper is food-grade double-sided waxed paper.


(See ordering/contact page for complete ordering details.)  


CARTRIDGE CANDY is priced at 40 cents per round, minimum 100 rounds!  



Sutler Cyrus thanks Fields of Thunder Museum for the use of this picture.



Sutler Cyrus thanks Fields of Thunder Museum for the use of these pictures.






BLACK POWDER CANDY: Sold in lots of 50 charges at 40 cents per charge


MUSKET BALL CANDY: Sold in lots of 50 bags, 6 rounds per bag, at 36 cents per bag  



Both best sellers, the "Ammo-Pak" features all three of our "Ordnance for the Innards" products - Cartridge Candy, Musket Ball Candy and Black Powder Candy, while the Cartridge Candy 3-Pack (a good soldier can fire three rounds per minute) features one each of three flavours! Insert tells customers about the contents. Recommended for high humidity regions.


The Cartridge Candy 3-Pack is priced at $1.35/pack, minimum order 50 packs. The Ammo-Pak is priced at $1.35/pack, minimum order 50 packs.



Ahoy, captains of the ships’ stores! Attention on deck! Sutler Cyrus’ Pirate & Privateer Pack is just the treat for young swabbies and rope monkeys. The contents are the same as our Ammo-Pak, but we have given the label a nautical twist to fit with your theme. And the back of the label contains some of the worst pirate puns ever penned to amuse the pint-sized pirates and privateers walking your planks.


Sutler Cyrus’ Pirate & Privateer Pack - $1.35 ea., minimum 50 packs.


Great for Pirate Parties and Loot Bags!




Sutler Cyrus’ Civil War Souvenir Pack contains two high-quality dimensional Civil War era uniform jacket magnets – one “Union” and one “Confederate” – and a round of Cartridge Candy. It’s a “Treat to Eat and Something to Keep”!


Minimum 12 pieces with any other minimum order (wholesale, only).




Cartridge Candy, as noted comes in four fruit flavours and has the sweet-tart taste of whichever flavour is consumed.  The “musket ball” included is gum in assorted flavours packed at random.


Musket Ball Candy is a liquorice flavoured (very) hard candy (don't bite this bullet!).   As it is savoured, it will tend to change colours.  It actually has a basis in history: soldiers in the British Army, serving in the Caribbean Islands during the Napoleonic wars, made a candy mixture of ginger and molasses in musket ball moulds, to relieve the dryness in the mouth associated with the actions of firing black powder weapons.  Which leads us to “Black Powder Candy”…


The basic ingredient of Black Powder Candy is a medium course sugar.  It has a resemblance to actual black powder but tastes a whole lot better.  You will be asked if it is liquorice: the answer is “no”.  Black Powder Candy actually has no discernable taste.  It’s much the same as chowing down in the sugar bowl, so it’s ideal for those who are finicky about flavours.