Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear as Sutler Cyrus takes you “Off the Beaten Path” – a collection of cartoons from the pages past of Smoke & Fire News.
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As the only presidential candidate ever outlawed by the Department of Health, Willy has entertained dozens of people with his policies and guides, many of which are reprinted here despite a court injunction!


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Memories of Kandahar


Dana Bernier and Jeff Wakefield



In the Fall of 2009, Dana Bernier, at the age of 54 joined the Canadian Contractors’ Augmentation Program – CANCAP – and went off to serve at Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan. “Memories of Kandahar”, put down in Dana’s own words and photo commentary by author Jeff Wakefield, recounts his memories of his 185 days there. This PDF book lets you see first hand the day-to-day life of civilian contractors working in a war zone.


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